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  • I can’t be alone in having the pride at seeing your young child working out how to use the ‘adult’ technology of your smart phone/tablet, thoroughly taken away by the guilt of reading of the harm you are potentially exposing them to. Ignoring the ‘electronic nanny’ argument (one that is as old as, well, as television, radio?) there is also the reported threats that by letting your child grow up playing with Internet enabled devices will lead to ADHD, hyper stimulation, stunted communication development and become sitting targets for online predators if not perpetrating acts of cyber bullying on their peers. And all because you thought they’d enjoy the videos of cats on YouTube. For shame…

    Of course, I’m exaggerating for effect, but rather than worry so much, how about thinking of these devices that can educate and enrich our children’s development. An oven is a potentially dangerous tool, but learn to use it safely and your child can feed themselves and others for a lifetime. Think of the ways that the internet and technology can increase and encourage their interests. Your child likes taking photos? Show them how to upload them to share with friends — whilst taking this opportunity to explain that people don’t always appreciate photos of themselves being uploaded without their permission. They in turn look at other photos that inspire them to capture more images, upload and share them and so on. Get them to make their own videos and upload them, children and young adults such as @animationchefs or @finnharries and @jacksgap can take the technology and let their imaginations run riot. All the while you as a the parent or teacher can guide them through the etiquette of doing so safely.

    The internet is now such a rich resource and the technology we have in our homes is capable of so much, it would be such a shame to keep it from them ‘just in case’. Chances are you use the internet and web enabled devices daily, and it hasn’t done you any harm.

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